Animal Cruelty In Wellington

Posted by Paige Bresky --email

WELLINGTON, FL --- What started as a home burglary in Wellington could turn into a

case of animal cruelty.

The victim wants the thug who targeted her home, and attacked her cat, brought to justice.

She discovered her 9-year-old cat, named Otis on Wednesday, after her home was burglarized.

The thief broke in through the sliding glass door and stole televisions, laptops and other electronics.

Patricia, who doesn't want us to use her last name, found her precious pet on the floor

in one of the bedrooms.

Otis had been hit on the head and suffered a bruised lung.

"This was a ten pound defenseless animal and someone had to inflict this

injury on him. Why would someone do something to a ten pound animal," said Partricia.

Now Patricia is hoping the crook, or crooks are caught so they can't do this to anyone else.