Missing the Signal

Do you have a favorite Mother Moment or line from the show? Loved to hear them.

You could see your blog comments on Fox 29!

OK, all you Mother lovers! We're on the air.

Monday night was the premiere night of "How I Met Your Mother" on Fox 29, and it was a night of firsts -- first proposal, love at first sight, first handshake and knowing or missing "the signal".

It makes me think does anyone remember their first kiss, or that first moment when you knew you had just seen or met "the one".

Some of our last Mother bloggers received tickets to a super event at Whole Foods. This time, you can even win great themed prizes straight from "How I Met Your Mother" (picture to your right). So keep those great comments coming, and let us know why you love "How I Met Your Mother"!

P.S. Did you notice some cool appearances, too? In the 7:30 episode, both Mandy Moore and Enrique Iglesias appeared!