I'm Dr. David Vastola and Patrick and I love coming out here to watch the kids play soccer and football but there are some inherent hazards. Number one is hike! The reason I'm talking about is concussion. About 1.2 million of our kids play sports every year and out of that 65,000 experience concussions - that's where there's a brain bruise because of the trauma to the head. Now up until now, we felt that as long as the concussion doesn't last more than 15 minutes our children can go back in the game. Disorientation, confusion, double vision are some of the symptoms - but if it went away in 15 minutes, you can resume play.

Now researchers at the University of Pittsburgh have found that if you sustain a concussion it takes seven days for the brain to recover. That means you can't go back in the game and you have to wait seven days to resume play. It's a whole new thinking. That leads to this: as parents and coaches we have to watch for concussion and if our kids sustain one they're out for a week and that's all it is, because if you sustain multiple concussions you're going to end up with permanent brain damage.

And I'm Dr. David Vastola and that's life.