Teflon Troubles

I'm Dr. David Vastola and you can't get away from it - food and the health consequences are everywhere. They're in television, magazines, newspapers. Here's some examples - Life Extension Magazine: Foods That Prevent Cancer; Body & Soul Magazine: Foods That Fight Stress; Health Journal: The Best New Food Products; Body & Soul Magazine: Good Carbs. You can't get away from it and Patrick and I, of course we love to cook and we take note of that - that's how we cook - we use those types of foods. But the other question is - how are you going to cook it? And that might be even more relevant. Let me tell you why.
We need to look at what we cook in and I'm talking specifically about teflon. For 30 years teflon pots and pans have been believed to be safe. But now the EPA says maybe not because of PFOA's. What are they? Per-Fluoro-Octanylic-Acid and when studied in large groups of people it was found that almost all people had it in their blood. Now in research animals, the PFOA's caused problems with rats. They caused decreased sexual maturation and in the sexual offspring of the rats early death. In humans there may be some evidence that teflon and the PFOA's may cause cancer of testicles, liver and pancreas. That remains to be proven, but it is circumstancial at this point.
So the bottom line when it comes to your food and how you cook it consider not only the types of food that you're going to eat but also how you cook it
And I'm Dr. David Vastola and that's life.