Peanut Precautions

I'm Dr. David Vastola and for years we were told nuts were bad for us. Why? Too many calories, too much fat. We now know that's not true. Yes, they have a fair amount of calories, but the fats are good fats, they're monounsaturates. But one thing still holds true: allergies. Nut allergies can be very deadly, especially peanuts. Let me tell you about a new study.
When it comes to peanuts, a recent study in the British Medical Journal may help us understand the problem. They showed that infants who were fed soy protein or soy formula developed peanut allergies at a much higher incidence than those who weren't. They also found that kids who had peanut allergies had a strong association to peanut oil lotion that were placed on them as babies. So if the baby had diaper rash or something like that, and a lotion was used that had peanut oil in it they developed peanut allergies later. That tells us that the deadly peanut allergies could be due to something we encounter as an infant - either as a lotion with peanut oil in it, or with soy which cross-reacts with it.
The consequences are the following: if you're an adult, try to eat a handful of nuts every day - your favorite is the best. But if you're a parent avoid those cross-reactions such as peanut oil in the lotions or the soy formula which can cross-react and cause those peanut allergies because they could have long term consequences. If you have any doubt, just think of Mr. Peanut here - he's Patrick's favorite
And I'm Dr. David Vastola and that's life.