Palm Tran disadvantage bus pass increasing

Beginning in October, the cost of Palm Tran's Transportation Disadvantaged (TD) 31-day fixed-route bus pass will increase.

The pass is currently sold to eligible customers for $5 and is available only to persons with a household income at or below 150 percent of the federal poverty level.

Effective October 1, persons with a household income at or below 100 percent of the current federal poverty level will pay $10 for Palm Tran's TD 31-day bus pass.

Those with a household income between 101-150 percent of the federal poverty level will pay $15.

Customers must qualify to purchase the discounted TD bus pass by providing proof of household income and household size.

This information will be verified prior certifying current customers or enrolling new customers in the TD program.

This action was one of several recommended by the Palm Tran Service Board (PTSB) and approved by the Board of County Commissioners as part of the county's budget reduction strategies.

These actions resulted in no service discontinuation to Palm Tran's fixed-route operation or loss of service to any Palm Tran Connection customer.

For more information about the TD bus pass program, call Palm Tran Connection at 561-649-9838 or toll free at 877-870-9849.

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