Home automatic for your every desire home

(CNN) - In 10 years, you could be living in a house that can think for itself.

Designed by Virginia Tech students, the house won Europe's Solar Decathlon.

It's the home of the future. When you wake up, the cold concrete floor warms up, your favorite music starts playing and coffee begins to brew. And, as you drive away, the house locks itself.

Lumenhaus is a solar house that gets all of its energy from the sun.

Virginia Tech students designed Lumenhaus to be completely automated. It even has insulation panels that adjust on their own to the changing weather outside. The house is autonomous, so it operates on its own.

It will maintain 100 percent energy efficiency; however, no one likes to be completely controlled by a computer. So you can override any command using an iPhone or iPad.

Inside, the house is about 600 square feet, but the small spaces are all multi-functional. "You really have to convince people because it's so small that they could live in here," said one student. "So, the space saving solutions are a big selling point for us."

Even the water can be reused using outside recycling ponds.

Designers say homes like this could be on the market in just a few years.

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