Hell's Kitchen FoxMan's Review: Week 1

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Hell's Kitchen is back on the air for its eighth season. The star of the show Gordon Ramsay looks like he has some new computations in store for the people who dare to enter Hell! Everyone showed up at the restaurant looking like they were ready to walk through the doors and start cooking to impress. But I thought it was a nice twist that right after they all showed up… the doors were locked and no one could get in. After that we found out we have a new Maitre d' this year by the name of James Lukanik. Looks like Jean Philippe couldn't handle any more of Ramsay's yelling. After reading a bit on this I found out that I was exactly right, turns out that Jean Philippe simply passed on the job this year, and is now letting someone else take the abuse. The chef's got to see the brand new  L.A. Market restaurant at the JW Marriott Hotel in downtown Los Angeles, California. Where one of them will be head chef and making over $200,000 a year.

This year it looks like the Contestants are truly in Hell due to the fact that none of them seem to be able to get along. Sometimes I really ask myself, where do they find these people? But with adding different flavors to the mix, you're guaranteed to get some red hot conflict.

The first contestant I look at, is this guy Raj Brandston. After seeing this guy on the show, I think it's very clear he was placed there just to piss people off… because this guy doesn't know a thing! I would love to get my hands on his audition tape to see what this guy did that was that impressive that he convinced show producers that he should be a contestant. Someone clearly stuck there head outside an office door and said "we need one more person…. Anyone wanna do this?" And Raj happened to be standing right there. There is no doubt in my mind that this guy will be gone very soon.

Next person of interest is this girl Sabrina Brimhall. Now first I thought (thinking like the guy I am) that this girl was going to be a nice addition to the show, because she's attractive and people seem to put up with a lot more from a girl that's attractive. How wrong was I… From what I've seen so far, the girl seems to know her way around the kitchen pretty well. But the second she opens her mouth, everyone in the kitchen around her can't stand her. I'm very curious to see where this takes her.

The rest of the chefs look like they're pretty good for the most part, but I'm sure after a few shows their true colors will shine… And I know for a fact that Ramsay isn't going to put up with anyone crap this year. I look forward to hearing words like "donkey" getting yelled out again… And plates getting thrown on the floor!