Hell's Kitchen FoxMan's Review: Week 2

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Ok, so week 2 is upon us, and just as I thought Raj is a goner.  I have to admit that I didn't expect him to make it past week one, but my only guess is the Ramsay  thought he would keep him around for one more show just to add some more fire to the kitchen. Sabrina seems to be driving people nuts, and I really did think she was gone when she was put on the chopping block the first time. So many times I kept thinking that Sabrina was going to say to the rest of the girls "listen I know we're all here to win, but let's just work together"….. Ummmm ya, that never happened. She let loose on the one girl that really helped her get through the service. Melissa helped her get back on track when Sabrina didn't have a clue what she was doing, Melissa got through under the bus, but Ramsay knows what he's doing.  It makes me wonder if he has access to all those camera in the dorm. I wonder if he's watching in on all of them when their picking people for elimination? It would make sense if he was. But after seeing Raj with his head in the freezer and slowing down the whole kitchen, I knew Gordon was going to drop him, even after the men won.

Vinny seems to really have his head on straight, and Gordon keeps calling on him to fix other peoples mistakes. So I think he has a real shot at the gold. Truthfully I think it's much too early to tell who a winner could be, but we'll see. I totally understand why Vinny told the customers it would be a good idea not to order sides, but we all knew he was going to be in hot water when Ramsay found out!  Ramsay can such and angry guy, yelling and screaming at everyone in the kitchen. Then two minutes later after a team has won a challenge, there flying on a jet to somewhere beautiful, and Gordon seems like the kind of guy you wouldn't mind spending the afternoon with. We've only stepped into week two and I can't wait to see what kind of guest stars will be on the show next…