That's Life: Beating Boredom

I'm Dr. David Vastola and Petey and Patrick love to play ball. So when they get bored this is what I do. Boredom is a funny trait. It's something we all experience and if you believe in the existentialists, boredom is nothing more than a meaningless life. But I think it's a lot more than that. Recent studies at the University of Chicago shed a lot of light on it. Let me tell you about it.
These researchers found there are deep connections between the cerebral cortex and the medulla. In order to transmit, to relieve the boredom you had to do one thing - you had to get into the flow, you had to get into the force. What does that mean? You have to match your talent with the challenge. If you do that, if it's a good match like this, they'll be no boredom. Let me give you an example.
If you're a high-powered guy with a type A personality and you go on a cruise you're going to be bored but if there's something on that cruise that will challenge you, put you in the flow, you won't be bored. So the secret to boredom is not finding something exciting to do, it's getting into the flow. That's true in life too. So my advoice to you just like with Petey here, is get into thew flow and enjoy life.
And I'm Dr. David Vastola and that's life.