Elderly man charged in murder of live-in girlfriend

By Allison Bybee - bio | email

DELRAY BEACH, FL (WFLX) - Yet another case of deadly domestic violence. This time a quiet, elderly man snaps killing his longtime girlfriend.

Update, MON 12 PM: The 82-year-old Delray Beach man accused of killing his girlfriend has been released from the hospital and will be charged with murder.

Police say Alfred Infosino beat his girlfriend to death with a flashlight and battery.

Investigators say Infosino called 9-1-1 and admitted to killing his girlfriend.

Deputies say he also admitted to drinking ammonia in an attempt to take his own life

Previously: Dispatchers say, the 82-year-old man called 9-1-1 to calmly admit he'd beaten his live-in girlfriend to death.

The weapon of choice -- was a flashlight and battery.

It happened in Bottlebrush, a 55 plus community in Delray Beach. "It is a quiet community," said HOA President Vinnie Cagno. He was shocked to hear a murder took place in his own neighborhood.

"People have moments where they can snap. I guess, he did, but I don't know the whole story."

And neither do Palm Beach County deputies. All they know is they received a call from a man, who neighbors identify as 82-year-old Alfred Infosino. Deputies say he called 9-1-1, and said, "I killed my girlfriend."

Investigators say he then admitted to drinking bleach or ammonia to harm himself.

Neighbors are shocked at the scene around their homes. "He seemed like a nice, gentle, old man," said David Fuchs. "It's surprising. I don't know the facts, but I heard he snapped."

Neighbors say, they heard, Alfred had kidney problems and was taking medicine for depression.

The don't know all his issues, but never thought murder would happen in their quiet neighborhood.

Alfred Infosino is now under surveillance at a local hospital; he will be charged with murder.

We're told the victim lived with Alfred Infosino for years. Infosino was also the HOA president for five years.

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