Mission accomplished: All 33 miners rescued in Chile

SAN JOSE MINE, CHILE (AP) - The last of the Chilean miners, the foreman who held them together when they were feared lost, was raised from the depths of the earth Wednesday night - a joyous ending to a 69-day ordeal that riveted the world. No one has ever been trapped so long and survived.

UPDATE WED 10 PM: Luis Urzua ascended smoothly through 2,000 feet of rock, completing a 22½-hour rescue operation that unfolded with remarkable speed and flawless execution. Before a jubilant crowd of about 2,000 people, he became the 33rd miner to be rescued.

Previously: The miners who are emerging from 69 days trapped underground in Chile will be spending the next couple of days under medical observation. And it appears that psychological issues will be as much of a concern as physical ones.

A doctor says one of the freed miners appears to be having ahard time adjusting, and seems depressed. He says 19-year-old JimmySanchez, the youngest of the freed miners, "spoke very little and didn't seem to connect".

He says another man told him about an internal "fight with the devil" that he'd had inside the mine.

The 33 miners are being brought to the surface more quickly than expected -- in some cases as quickly as one every half hour.

The capsule that is shuttling them to the surface has a door that is sticking occasionally, and its wheels needed lubricating at least once -- but it's been working exactly as planned.

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