Final arrest made in WPB jewelry store owner's murder

LANTANA, FL (WFLX) - Over the past three months, Tina Lauseng has been dealing with raw emotions. Her husband, John Lauseng, was murdered.

Detectives say his last moments alive were recorded on this surveillance video at the jewelry store he owned in West Palm Beach.

"They took him away from a wife, three kids, I mean, we have a 5-year-old, and she misses her dad an awful lot," said Tina Lauseng.

Tina is used to getting calls from detectives, but, this time, she received the news she's been waiting for since her husband's murder: They have the third guy, the shooter, in custody.

Detectives arrested 29-year-old Arron Smith from Riviera Beach. He's the last of three suspects.

Tina says deputies found him at a Lantana motel Friday night. He was with his girlfriend and his kids. The motel's manager won't let us in to see where the suspect was allegedly hiding out.

As for the family, they live just minutes away from the motel. The arrest was just too close for comfort. "I didn't know if it was just a coincidence he was hanging out at the Super 8 near, right near, I-95," said Tina.

In jail, Smith joins 41-year-old Hasan Jones and 53-year-old Kenneth Laws, both of West Palm Beach. All are charged with murder.

Investigators say in the surveillance video you can see the suspects forcing John Lauseng into the store at gunpoint. Just minutes later, Lauseng was shot twice as he tried running out the front door.

Tina says this last arrest is bittersweet because their nightmare isn't over yet. "We have to go through all the court appearances and re-live this all over again."

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