Woman pays for throwing cat into dumpster

Posted by Rachel Leigh - email

COVENTRY, ENGLAND (WFLX) - She sparked international outrage when she tossed a cat in a trash can.

What the woman didn't know was the whole world would see it because the whole thing was caught on tape. Now, Mary Bale is paying the price for her punishing act.

Cameras were rolling again when Bale casually strolled into a British court. The last time she was on camera, she casually tossed little Lola, a kitten, into a trash can.

Bale pleaded guilty to a charge of animal cruelty and escaped with just a $400 fine.

The 45-year-old bank worker attracted global condemnation after her caper was caught on camera and posted on YouTube last August.

The kitten was stuck for 15 hours until her owners heard her muffled meows. Furious animal lovers posted death threats against Bale online. British police stood guard outside her house.

In addition to the fine, Bale had to shell out the costs for the charity that took her to court on behalf of the cat.

Bale could have faced a maximum fine of $3,500 and six months in jail for this random act of cruelty. The judge also banned her from keeping pets for five years.

Bale has resigned from her job and tells the judge she suffers from depression and still can't explain why she did what she did.

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