Meek, Rubio & Crist meet for fourth debate

Posted by Rachel Leigh - email

DAVIE, FL (WFLX) - Tuesday night was the fourth televised Senate debate, and while there were some jabs, the candidates for the most part stuck to the issues.

The debate at Nova Southeastern University in Davie began with the issue most people care about -- jobs and the economy.

Republican candidate Marco Rubio says the Obama-backed stimulus plan was not a good idea. "What we need from government leaders is to create an environment where starting a business is easier."

"Now, if my opponent would have been your governor and not taken any stimulus money, 20,000 educators would not be employed," Independent candidate Governor Charlie Crist stated who's running as an independent.

Democratic candidate Kendrick Meek said, "I'm for the middle class tax cuts and credits. What they're advocating is tax cuts for the super wealthy."

When it came to Social Security, independent candidate Governor Charlie Crist says the system is working for now. "Social Security is solvent until at least 2037, yet Marco Rubio wants to tinker with it."

"Expanding middle class workforce in Florida will help the Social Security trust fund," said Meek.

On the topic of healthcare reform, Meek says he supported the president's plan, Charlie Crist said the plan he passed in Florida reduced insurance rates, while Marco Rubio wants Americans to have access to every insurance plan available.

There was some bickering when it came to Meek on Crist's position on drilling. "I don't know," said Meek towards Crist. "You were with Sara Palin saying 'Drill Baby Drill.'"

In the end, there were no clear moments that will change this race.

By the way, polls have shown Rubio with a comfortable lead for weeks followed by Crist and then Meek.

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