Rick Scott & Alex Sink get feisty

Posted by Rachel Leigh - email

As we enter the home stretch to Election Day, Republican Rick Scott and Democrat Alex Sink traded verbal barbs while debating Wednesday night in South Florida.

It was the second statewide televised debate between the two candidates. The race is very close with recent polls showing Scott with a slight lead.

"Rick Scott is unprepared to be the governor for our state of Florida," said Sink. "I don't think that leading a large hospital corporation that was charged in the largest Medicare fraud fine in the history of this country would rate him as being a highly successful CEO -- when his board had to ask him to leave the company. I think that there is an issue of trust here and character and integrity.

"My opponent is clearly an Obama liberal," Scott striked back. "She proposes all these things. She proposes all these new spending ideas, and has no earthly idea what they are going to cost.

"But she is not responsible for those cost. She doesn't know what they are, and she is not responsible for what the taxes are going to be. Just like President Obama, all his proposals are going to cost us money. It is killing jobs across the country," Scott added.

The candidates also tacking the issues of education, job creation and the economy.

During the debate, both tried to show how badly the other would lead.

"Rick Scott just mentioned that he has supposedly been talking to voters for the last six months," Sink said. "I've been talking to the people of Florida for the last 26 years. I had 9,000 people work for me in my banking career. No newspaper ever wrote anything negative about my character and my integrity and my career. But more importantly, I've been talking to the voters of Florida for five years."

"She clearly is a Tallahassee insider," said Scott. "She has been there for years. She has had her shot. In her time period there, the state has lost over 800,000 jobs. Our pension plan has gone from seven percent over funded to 13-percent under funded. She has had a lot of issues. With every company she has been involved in. She is a failed fiscal watch dog."

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