PBC deputy saving towards artificial limb after boating accident

JUPITER, FL (WFLX) - Last June, a boating accident left a Palm Beach County sheriff's deputy near death forcing doctors to amputate her arm.

Cheryl Griffin is recovering, and now has her sights set on an artificial limb which costs $40,000.

Griffin doesn't remember much from the day she nearly died. But in just five months, Griffin has made a remarkable recovery.

Now, she's learning how to live a fruitful and functioning life with just one arm. "It's easy to say, 'I'm thankful, and I'm blessed to be here,'" Griffin said. "I can't ask, 'Why me?' It's something I tell my daughter, 'It can easily happen to you.'"

She broke her neck, injured her knee, head and lost her right arm. Then, she nearly drowned.

"The doc told me it was taking quite a bit to bring me back," she said. "Something did. I'm here."

Now, Griffin can drive, get around the house and even dress herself. "When you have goals, you really push forward," she said. One of those goals is getting back into the water. It's a sanctuary, Griffin says, she dearly loves.

On Tuesday, she returned from the Keys where she went boating and snorkeling for the first time since the accident that almost took her life. "It was just a blessing. I tell you, it just took me to another place," she said. "And that's a place of being awake. It was wonderful."

Griffin says she has two primary goals: To get back to work and get a new prosthetic arm; however, getting that new robotic arm comes at a high cost.

The 42-year-old, who has 18 years of service with the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office, says she's always been responsible with her money and won't go into to debt for a new arm. "I got to figure it out how I'm going to get it," she said. "But I'll get it. I'm determinded. I need it. The prostetic will help me be able to do everything I've done before -- fishing, work. I won't know the difference is what they tell me."

Griffin says she will be returning work, but it's not clear when.

If you'd like to help Griffin get her prosthetic arm you can go to any Sun Trust Bank and donate under the account name "Prayers for Cheryl Dery Griffin".

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