Village of Horrors revives our haunted history

Elizabeth Short, Nicknamed the Black Dahlia
Elizabeth Short, Nicknamed the Black Dahlia
The Biltmore Hotel, Coral Gables
The Biltmore Hotel, Coral Gables

By Rachel Leigh - bio | email

FORT LAUDERDALE, FL (WFLX) - Elizabeth Short, nicknamed the Black Dahlia, was found brutally murdered in 1947. Her killer never captured. Legend has it, the ghost of Elizabeth Short has been seen at the Biltmore Hotel –- the place she was last seen alive.

"What's really creepy is this is all based on true stories, so each room will be based on a true event that's happened in South Florida."

When Jesse Stoll created the Village of Horrors, he shaped a haunted house that revives our frightful history. "South Florida is rich in gruesome stories of murder, mayhem, greed and debauchery."

Friday, February 13, 1925, construction of the Biltmore Hotel began. Upon completion, socialites, gangsters and the like flocked to the Coral Gables hotel. "For about 50 years, there was a lot of terrible things that happened in the hotel. There was a 13th floor, and a lot of deaths on that floor, a lot of murders."

Then, on the other side of the hotel, there's the Belzebuth Emporium and Side Show. "That's based upon a young boy who went through a menacing childhood."

Now, if this isn't haunting enough for you, "Where we're hosting everything, there's a stage inside that we're going to use for makeup and production. There's a light that's kept on because, a lot of theatres, for superstition reasons, when they're haunted, they keep a light on all night," said Stoll.

It could just be a haunted history in the making.

The Village of Horrors runs through Halloween. Tickets are $13 in advanced and $18 at the door.

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