MA teen fakes sleeping while intruder steals jewelry

REVERE, MA (WFLX) - A brave and quick-thinking teen in Massachusetts escaped an intruder's harm by pretending to be asleep.

Seventeen-year-old Jennifer Leon was sleeping in her room when a man broke into her house through the back door. She woke up while he was standing just a few feet away from her.

He was rifling through her drawers, so she quickly shut her eyes and rolled over pretending to still be asleep. "I just stared for about ten seconds," said Leon. "I was petrified. Just like, 'Oh my God, I don't know who this is. So I flipped over and, as I'm flipping over, he's walking over here."

Reporter asked, "So closer to you?"

"Yeah," Leon stated. "And I just flip over, and I'm staring at the wall -- don't breathe heavy, don't breathe heavy -- just waiting for him to leave."

The burglar got away with an emerald ring Jennifer's father gave her for her birthday and a gold heart necklace given to her by her late grandmother.

She didn't get a good description of the man because she wasn't wearing her glasses.

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