Miracle breast cancer shot in clinical stages

MIAMI (WFLX) - It's probably the biggest advancement in the fight against breast cancer in decades. A shot is being dubbed the new miracle drug for breast cancer patients, and it could take doctors one step closer to finding a cure.

"I'm overjoyed -- probably the most exciting thing in my professional career, and I've been treating breast cancer for 35 years," said Dr. Charles Vogle in reference to the drug TDM1. "There's no question in my mind this is going to be the next major advance."

Dr. Vogle is conducting clinical trials of TDM1 in breast cancer patients at the University of Miami's Sylvester Cancer Center. So far, it's working! "These are patients with very far disease, and we are seeing extraordinary clinical benefit in these woman -- shrinking of the tumor, it going away."

One of his patients, for example, was filled with cancer. "The cancer was in her lungs, liver, bones and lymph nodes," said Dr. Vogle. "We gave her TDM1, and within weeks, virtually, everything had completely disappeared."

TDM1 works like a "Trojan Horse". One of the drugs inside the shot, Herceptin, zeroes in on cancer cells and delivers a chemotherapy agent that stops cancer cell division.

Right now, TDM1 is only in the clinical phase. The FDA has to approve it before patients can start using it. "My way of thinking, it's already proved itself," he said.

Hopefully, it's one of the first few steps finding a cure. "We are getting closer," Dr. Vogle concluded.

Another benefit to TDM1 is there are no known side effects.

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