Governor's race gets messier after text message

(WFLX) - Alex Sink's campaign spent the rest of Tuesday night trying to make the cheating accusations during Monday night's debate go away.

Wednesday was our first chance to talk to the state's chief financial officer about the debate, and her opponent's, Rick Scott, claims she cheated and took risks with the state's pension plan and our tax money

Tuesday, we showed you the video. Now, we know what was said during a commercial break.

Alex Sink's makeup artist: "I'm not sure who it's from. It looks like Brian [May]".

Brian May is a Sink staffer who helped write the rules for the debate. He's also the person who broke one, and put Sink in the cross hairs for sneaking a peek at a text message.

The candidates agreed not to use notes or receive any help during the debate.

It's pretty clear it was a violation of the rules. "When I left the debate, I said, 'What was that texting all about?' And one of my campaign senior staff said, 'Well, I sent this message,'" Sink said.

Reporter said, "So you maintain it was a mistake. You didn't know it was a staffer?"

Sink replied, "No, not at all, and I can't have people in my campaign who can't follow the rules."

Experts say this issue has come to the fore front of the campaign because Sink has tried to paint her opponent as dishonest -- citing the fraud and the $1.7 billion fine paid by the hospital company Scott started, Columbia HCA.

But Scott has also fired back at Sink -- most recently for the text message and fraud charges against NationsBank of Florida of which Sink was president.

He also called her out for investments made by the state pension board. Sink was one of the elected officials in charge of oversight when the fund lost billions.

Wednesday, at a rally in Port St. Lucie's Tradition Town Hall, we asked about these issues, too.

Reporter said, "You have no problem telling the voters you did everything you can to avoid both those incidents -- both of those."

Sink responded, "Well, I can't be in charge of the global financial crisis, and, on that other issue, even the lawyer, who brought that suit, said Alex Sink had nothing to do with it."

Sink also made sure to point out Indian River County Sheriff Deryl Loar is one of the Republicans backing her as well as Martin County Sheriff Robert Crowder.

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