Comcast, county sued over slow response to emergency call

BOYNTON BEACH, FL (WFLX) - New information in the death of an elderly woman in Boynton Beach who called her cable company for help. It seems her emergency call for help was outsourced.

Comcast says the operator, who couldn't find the dying woman's address when she dialed zero was not an employee with the cable company.

Comcast says the employee was working for Interstate FiberNet Inc., a private company hired by Comcast to provide operator services.

Sidell Reiner was preparing to celebrate Thanksgiving last year when a piece of crystal glassware fell on her foot. Bleeding profusely, she dialed "0" and reached an operator who transferred the call to police but could not provide her address.

It took 16 minutes to locate and for the paramedics to arrive.

When medics got there, records say, they found the doors and windows locked, and after five minutes, they left.

Inside that home, Reiner last call was made two minutes before paramedics arrived, but she later died from her injuries.

Reiner's family has filed a lawsuit against Comcast.

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