Fox airing second channel of audio

WFLX has begun airing a second channel of audio.

Fox has provided us with Spanish and descriptive audio on this second audio channel, and we have chosen to pass this on to viewers.

Descriptive audio often has normal English program content and a verbal description of what is happening on the screen, for viewers who have vision difficulties. For example, you'll hear, "Tom walks to the right side of the room. He stops and picks up a book from the table."

Often found as SAP (Second Audio Program) on televisions, it is also known as MTS (Multiple Television Sound). Remote control buttons for the television are labeled SAP, MTS, audio  sound or language.

On most remotes, you simply push the button several times to step through "SAP, Mono" and "Stereo" until you have the desired selection. Stereo would be selected for English.

Other televisions that do not have these buttons on the remote, allow you to select the audio language, in the menu setting of the television.

On the silver Comcast remote, pushing "Menu" once, brings up the quick menu, "arrow up" once highlights "disable SAP" and pressing "ok" will turn this feature off.

On the Black, Comcast remote, there is a "Language" button. Pushing that will step through SAP, Mono and Stereo.

We're sorry if this has caused any inconvenience. Our intent was only to provide an additional service for our viewers.

Thank you for your understanding.

Guide to turn Spanish language second audio channel on or off

We've compile da list of televisions and how to turn the "Spanish" off on most TVs. The deciding factor has been which remote you have. For example: If it's a Comcast remote, then follow the instructions below for a Comcast remote.

How you control the TV decides which method you should follow. Universal remote users should follow the instructions for their TV set.

Adelphia Remote – Push "settings", then up arrow to "disable SAP", push "Enter" or "OK".

AT&T  U-verse – Push info, audio language on right, up for English, down for Spanish

AKAI – Push the MTS button on remote

Comcast remote – Silver remote – push the menu button once on remote for "Quick menu" , followed by up arrow. See "Disable SAP" , hit "OK" in center of remote. If it says "select  Language", arrow left or right to get to English. Hit "ok".

Black Comcast remote – They have a "Language" button on remote bottom. Push to select stereo or English.

Curtis Mathis –Push the MTS button on remote.

Element – Push the MTS button on remote OR in menu, under audio, change MTS to stereo or Main.

Emmerson – Push the SAP button on the upper right of remote.

Haier – Push the MTS/SAP button on remote.

Ilo – In the menu , under SAP , SAP on/off , use the channel up/down  to  select "off" (Universal remotes) OR set audio to Main

JVC – Use the button on the TV for MTS or ML/MTS.  Some are labeled "audio" (under the power button) on the remote.

Konka – Use the MTS button on remote to toggle between Eng and Span.

LG –Push Menu then "option" on the main menu, followed by audio language: Quick menu has a speaker icon at the 5 o'clock position, changes the audio language if digital, SAP if analog.

Magnavox – Select English . Under the power button, there is a SAP button or above Mute is a SAP button . Magnavox digital boxes have an audio button on the remote. Use this button

Memorex – Push the MTS/Sap  button on remote to step through English and Spanish.

Mitsubishi – Push the audio button until you see "select source" then the adjust button until you have stereo: Or In the menu, select A/V function, Audio, Listen to: Stereo

Panasonic – Push the SAP button, upper right of remote or for older sets, push the Menu button , select Audio, then under Mode – select Stereo

Polaroid – Push the MTS button on remote or menu to HDTV, select audio language to English.

Olympus – Push the Sap / MTS Button on remote

RCA – Push the Sound Button on remote or "Audio Processing"  in menu, then "stereo".  If you can't find it in the menu, the Internet says to unplug the TV for 5 minutes to set the TV back to factory settings.

Samsung – IF there is a hidden door on top of the remote, push the MTS/SAP button under the cover. Some have a sound button on remote you can use to toggle the audio. Some have an MTS button on Front of TV that you can use to switch audio.

Sanyo – Use the sound or audio button on remote.

Sharp – Push the MTS button then "< >"  to select  Stereo.  Some have an "audio" button.  Push twice to change.

SONY – Use the MTS/SAP button on remote. Sometimes this is under a flap / door on the remote.

Sylvania – There is a SAP button above the mute button, between volume and channels buttons OR may have an audio button on remote. Use the SAP or AUDIO button to toggle English on and off.

Toshiba – Push the MTS Button on remote.   Sometimes you have to hit "TV" and "MTS" at the same time. One Toshiba model will turn both MONO and SAP on at the same time.  Just step through to stereo.

Zenith – Find the "second audio" selection in the menu. It's under EZ setup, then select audio, then select second audio. Change it to Stereo or Main.

Visio – You should have an MTS button on the remote. Or under settings in the main menu , followed by tuner and then MTS, select stereo.