Rick Scott launches Web site to "Get to Work"

FORT LAUDERDALE, FL (WFLX) - He said, "let's get to work", and, apparently, he meant it.

Just one day after declaring victory, Governor-Elect Rick Scott is announcing who will help him transition into office.

Scott held a news conference Thursday morning in Fort lauderdale saying he plans to immediately go to work putting Florida back to work.

'I have a detailed plan," said Scott. "It's seven steps to 700,000 jobs, and I'm gonna work that everyday, and that's what I'm gonna be focused on."

At his first news conference since the election, Scott also announced the members of his transition advisory board. Among them are some very familiar names: outgoing U.S. Senator George Lemieux, who's being replaced by Marco Rubio. Jeb Bush's former Lt. Governor Toni Jennings and former Miami Mayor Maurice Ferrer, the only democrat on his transition team.

"It's all individuals who love Florida. They've been involved in what goes on in Florida. They've served the state," he said.

And while the transition team is temporary, Scott also announced he's looking for some hard working people to become a permanent part of his administration.

Scott unveiled a new Web site with a link to a jobs page where you can submit your information. "They have to be committed to our goal of more jobs -- more private sector jobs and less government. They have to be optimistic people with a lot of energy."

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