Deputies delivering police cars, operation table & more to Haiti

By Eric Roby - bio | email

LAKE WORTH, FL (WFLX) - Deplorable conditions and even a cholera outbreak is not stopping some Lake Worth deputies from heading to Haiti Tuesday. They'll be delivering everything from police cars to food.

The deputies know they're risking their own safety, but this is one mission they have to do no matter what they might face.

Despite the fact the cholera outbreak could get worse after Hurricane Thomas, the supplies they are brining or just too important and need to be hand delivered.

"I'm almost astounded by the unbelievable conditions people are living in," said Captain Silva Rolando of the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office during his visit to Haiti back in May.

Now, his deputies are planning to return, and the conditions will be even worse.

Flooding rains from Hurricane Tomas is expected to spread the cholera outbreak that has already killed more than 500.

Deputy Patrick Disire was born in Haiti. He made a personal promise to come back. "We are determined to make sure promises that we given to these people are kept tomorrow [Tuesday]."

Haiti's police force was knocked to it's knees by January's earthquake. "As you can see, the structure is very unsafe. There are no resources to come in and fix this building," said Rolando.

To help out, two donated police cars will be delivered along with police gear, like bullet proof vests.

When the deputies visited last May, they were treated like dignitaries at Lake Worth's sister city, St. Marc.

This time around, the deputies are donating an operating table to increase the number of surgeries that can be done in the city's hospital by a third. "Being able to go back and distribute all the aid is really going to be a tremendous feeling," said Deputy Pierre Rouzeau. He was also born in Haiti, and is proud to also deliver 20,000 pounds of rice and beans, 2,000 flashlights and sleeping cots for kids.

The group leaves our area Tuesday morning for their five-day mission. They say by going in person, they will make sure that all of their donations will go to where it is truly needed.

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