Waves knock fisherman into rough surf

SINGER ISLAND, FL (WFLX) - Rough surf knocked fishermen off their feet and into dangerous waters Saturday on Singer Island.

"The waves were crashing against the rocks beating them against the rocks," said Jacqueline Russell. She was filming the big waves and ended up capturing a dramatic rescue near the pump house on the southern tip of Singer Island Saturday afternoon.

One man was in the water before she got there. Police were called out, and bystanders and officers helped him to shore.

Then, she said, it happened again. A giant wave knocked two more men off their feet and into the ocean. "We weren't even sure they could swim," said Russell.

A man helps the two up onto the rocks.

Waves were also crashing into the dunes at Jupiter Inlet Park. The waves were so high, they brought sand and water into the restrooms.

The waves Saturday were peaking more than 10 feet high. This is bad news for the beaches. We're told it hasn't been this bad at this park since the spring of 2007.

The waves have been calming down over the weekend, but, as you can see, they're still very powerful.

Of course, the worst time to be out here is during high tide.

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