Mother cries for her sons killed in plane crash

MELBOURNE, FL (WFLX) - "We always taught the boys when you go from point A to point B, call your mom, and they did. Their cars are still at the airport because I'm waiting for them to come home," cried Sharon Henegar, the victims' mother.

Henegar, the mother of the two brothers who died in Thursday's small plane crash at PBIA, spoke to a crowd of hundreds about the loss of her sons.

Family, friends and students gathered this weekend in Melbourne to say goodbye to four friends who loved flying.

Meanwhile, questions are being raised about whether pilot error made a bad situation worse. That's what aviation investigators are trying to figure out.

The NTSB says there was an emergency maneuver that any experienced pilot should be able to do quickly if an engine fails on a double engine plane. That maneuver is supposed to help the pilot do a safe emergency landing.

But, in this case, investigators say, the pilot did not take this corrective action. They do not know why, but they do say that experience, timeliness of the action and training are all factors.

The plane, instead, slammed into the tarmac and burst into flames killing all four people on board.

Officials still don't know why the second engine was not getting fuel.

The plane was only 18 months old. The crew had just fueled up Thursday night when they crashed right after take off. They were on a trip from the Bahamas to Melbourne.

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