Ft. Pierce woman defends house, collides car with burglar

FORT PIERCE, FL (WFLX) - A chaotic chain of events unfold in Ft. Pierce as a woman catches a burglar in the act.

When April Peterson came home Tuesday night, she found broken glass and a man inside her home.

The burglar, scared, took off running. Peterson then drives down a narrow road after the intruder. And that's when, police say, her car collided with the man.

Police aren't sure if he ran into Peterson's car or if she hit him. Peterson she did not intentionally hit him; nevertheless, he was injured and took off running and yelling.

Police told Peterson someone called 9-1-1 saying a man, one street over, was hit by a car and he was wearing one shoe.

Ft. Pierce police found the unidentified man bleeding and in pain behind a home. Peterson identified him as the man who broke into her home. "As the officers was telling me he was telling people to take him to the hospital because he just got hit by a car," she said. "He needs to go to jail."

The man was rushed to Lawnwood Regional Medical Center with some pretty good injuries and will most likely head off to jail.

Police don't condone what happen, but do say Peterson acted in self defense. No word yet on any charges or the identity of the man.

Peterson is glad she protected her home and came home when she did. Nothing was stolen from her home.

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