Name Brand vs. Generic: Five things you should always buy generic

In these tough economic times, we're all looking to save a buck here and there. One way we've always been told to do that is to buy generic over brand names.

You can save anywhere from 10 to 50 percent by buying generic. Here are the top five things you should always buy generic.

  1. Over the counter medicine
    Because the food and drug administration requires generic medicine to have the same active ingredients as the brand names. No one wants to cheap out on their health, so you might think generic is iffy. But pharmacists say that's not the case.
    Savings: 60 percent
  2. Bottle water
    Why pay for the brand? Aquafina admits its brand is made with tap water.
    Savings: 57 percent
  3. Baby formula
    No one wants to skimp on baby, so most parents will go with brand name baby formula. However, the infant formula act requires specific procedures for making all infant formulas.
    Savings: Up to $13 per case
  4. Pantry staples like sugar, flour and salt
    These items are also held to government standards for production and storage.
  5. Expensive cables for high def TV's
    It's the biggest rip off of them all, but salesmen always get those shoppers who just spent $1,000 on a flat screen to spend another $100 or so for expensive cables. Tech experts say the $12 dollar cable makes the same connection and works just, as well.

Proving that cheap is sometimes the better buy!

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