Dog paralyzed after beating, Man accused speaks out

By Chuck Weber - bio | email

(WFLX) - Beaten nearly to death and left partially paralyzed, a little Jack Russell terrier, named Holly, is trying to come back from the brink while the man accused of abusing her is speaking out.

"The dog just jumped out, attacked my dog," said Andrew Schecter. He's describing the incident this week that left him charged with felony cruelty to animals and Holly paralyzed.

The staff at Baker Veterinary Clinic says Holly's injuries are so severe, it was as if she were run over by a car.

Schecter is accused of causing the damage. "The dog had my dog pinned down. I had to make a choice between my dog and their dog. I didn't want to hurt the dog."

Schecter says his dog is also a female Jack Russell but much smaller. "The dog, if not much bigger, is bulkier and stronger, and it had my dog pinned down."

The arrest report says the beating of the dog was likely done with a wooden chair leg. "I carry a stick with me because there's dogs all over the neighborhood that aren't leashed. I had to get the dog off my dog. So I hit it once. It didn't respond, so I hit it again a little harder."

Schecter, an ex-Marine, is on the county's new court docket for veterans accused of crimes. But the prosecutor tells the judge, after talking with the dog's owner and investigators, she recommends sending the case to the regular court system, and the judge agrees.

"You know where the dog is most of the day? It's tied to a bush in the sun [with] no water. And all of a sudden, this owner cares about the dog?" said Schecter.

The good news is the vets office reports Holly is improving and is now dragging herself around.

The judge approved a VA evaluation for Andrew Schecter; meanwhile, no date yet for his next court appearance.

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