Urinary Tract Infections

I'm Dr. David Vastola and Patrick is going bowling tonight but he's worried because he has a Urinary Tract Infection and has to keep running to the bathroom. Now if you have those types of symptoms like Patrick this is generally what you get: Cipro or Levaquin. They're called quinalones. They're very effective in terms of Urinary Tract Infections, but there may be a better way of dealing with it, a natural way that can prevent the problem. Let me tell you about a recent study.
A recent Finnish study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition looked at women who had recurrent Urinary Tract Infections and they gave them fruit drinks. Not just cranberry juice but other fruit drinks over a five year period of time. Guess what? The recurring Urinary Tract Infections disappeared. That was compared to a group who didn't do that. They also found that if you ate yogurt with bacteria added it did the same thing.
So when it comes to preventing urinary tract infections, think of fruit drinks, cranberry juice, and also yogurt with bacteria added. One more thing. It's also been shown that this new underwear, thongs, can contribute to Urinary Tract Infections. So if you have them get new underwear.
And I'm Dr. David Vastola and that's life.