Must Have Money-Saving Apps

WEST PALM BEACH, FL (WFLX) - With all the deals offered up by businesses, finding the best one can eat up some time.

"Once in a while I would say ok, I am going to cut the coupons and save that money because it is crazy to leave that money on the table, but it took so much time, and it was such a mess cutting out all the stuff," said mom Lisa Bycroft.

Bycroft now enjoys more time with her 4-year-old. "I am an app using mom," she said.

Her restaurant cell phone application brings her to Elmers BBQ for the daily special the app provides. While there, her grocery app generates her shopping list for her. "[It's an] absolute time savers, believe me."

Fox 29 wants to save you time, too. So after asking moms, economists and the app makers themselves, we've complied a list of money saving apps starting with April Salisbury's favorite, RedLaser.

Here's how it works: you find a product, scan the barcode, and instantly see a list of who sells it and who has the best price. She tried it on a toy.

"We went into a local retailer, walked over to it, found it. It was $40, scanned it, found out that it was on sale for 50% off at a store that was in the same parking lot," said Salisbury, marketing manager with Anyware Mobile Solutions. "We walked out the door, walked to that store and got it for half price."

You can skip the in person purchase and buy on your phone with Redlaser. You can also see a list of ingredients for food items.

The Target app is another favorite with instant daily deals. "I can do it at the stoplight!" Salisbury became an "app addict" when she started working for Anyware Mobile Solutions, a company that makes them.

It provides local restaurant apps to a variety of eating establishments. "The restaurant apps either have specials in them, or they tell you what their weekly specials are. If you notice a lot of restaurants, when you go in Monday, may be kids eat free, but then on Saturday, may have an $8 dining deal."

But folks who prefer to dine in need deals, too. "Global food inflation is near epidemic levels. If you think about it, food prices as a whole were up about 25 percent last year," said economist Jake Dollarhide. He says staple items took a hit which is why, he says, more people are turning to apps.

"Groupon is a very popular one," he said. The free Groupon app allows you to enter your zip code and get a daily deal from a local business. We found a $90 home cleaning deal valued at $200 equaling 65 percent in savings.

How about saving on groceries without picking up a circular? "You won't have to go out on your front door step on Sunday morning to get your newspaper," said Gerald Buckley, Grocio founder. "It is delivered right to your device."

Gerald Buckley is another inventor whose Grocio app shows grocer's circulars. "It could save you as much as $20 a shopping trip."

For this mom, the Grocery iQ app is the final favorite. "You can automatically go through and say I need this, this, this and this, and boom it is there."

The free app keeps your grocery list and finds coupons for the regular items you purchase.

All avid app users agree -- not using them is a waste of time and money. "There is an app for everything."

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