A solar-powered video game

-AP -- Its hard to be a couch potato when playing the video game "Boktai: The Sun is in Your Hands" from Konami.
Its the first game to incorporate sunlight in the game plan.
The cartridge has a solar sensor.
When game players go outside, they will need sunlight to play the game.
Sunlight also plays a part in the game itself. The bad guys are stronger with less light, the good guys are stronger with more light.
The good guy is a vampire hunter who travels through dark dungeons.
Some enemies can be destroyed with a solar gun, while others can be eliminated just by exposure to the sun.
Boktai's creator says he wanted to combine the natural world and the video game world.
Just remember to wear sun block in the natural world.
"Boktai: The Sun is in Your Hands" is for Nintendo's Game Boy Advance.
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