Casey Anthony trial goes from gruesome to nasty

ORLAND, FL (WFLX) - The Casey Anthony murder trial could be ending soon. The defense plans to wrap up its case later Thursday.

On Wednesday, questions from Casey Anthony's defense attorney turn nasty during her murder trial.

We had been waiting for it: When would Jose Baez ask George Anthony if he molested his daughter? That question came Wednesday.

"I would not do that to my daughter," George Anthony defended.

Baez then stated, "You know sleeping with a minor under the age of 12 is life in prison. You are aware of the possible penalties of child molesting. Of course, you would never admit to molesting you child would you."

"I would never do anything like that to my daughter," George Anthony.

Baez says, "My question is, 'Would you, sir?'"

"I would never hurt my child in that way -- in that way!" he said.

George Anthony breaks down on the stand. He has been in the defenses site since day one. Baez was trying to show the jurors that George Anthony knew about Caylee's death all along.

He told jurors Mr. Anthony knew Casey's car smelled like decomposition, but he never called 911.

At the time, he did not know his granddaughter was missing. Then, questioning turned even uglier.

A line of questioning suggesting that George Anthony's suicide attempt was because he was feeling guilty about what he did to his daughter and granddaughter.

Anthony denied it, and Jeff Ashton gave him the chance to tell the jurors why he wanted to take his own life.

George Anthony said, "I needed to be with Caylee."

Ashton says, "You expressed that in your letter."

George Anthony says, "Yes, I did because I failed her."

Ashton continued, "Were you prevented from accomplishing your goal by the intervention of law enforcement?"

"If it wasn't for law enforcement, I wouldn't be here today," he admitted.

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