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BOCA RATON, FL (WFLX) - The down economy has many Americans dining out less and cooking at home more. Kellie Kuecha, a Boca Raton resident, and her family, don't think twice about going out to eat. "I dine at some of the fanciest, local restaurants," said Kuecha.
But Kuecha is not shelling out as much cash as you may think for those fancy meals. "I just love the art of the deal," said Kuecha. And she's certainly not spending hours clipping for coupons. "You can pretty much go on Facebook and click on a link for a coupon code," Kuecha said.
For the past two and a half years, this mother of four has been scouring social media sites for the best deals and discounts.  Some of her favorite money-saving Facebook pages include "Printable Coupon Spot" and "Hot Coupon World".
"Just about every night of the week there is something for kids to eat free," Kuecha said. This social media savvy mom finds out about those kids eat free coupons through pages such as "South Florida Dines" and "South Florida Mommy Deals". "I find that there are so many great coupon codes for everything that you do," Kuecha said.
This 'green' mom also scoops up savings at the grocery store through the page, "Organic Grocery Deals. Any amount of money that you can save there on your produce, dairy is awesome," said Kuecha.
Social media expert, Jay Berkowitz of, says the discounts apply to almost everything. If you're trying to book a trip, Berkowitz suggests using Jet Blue recently offered a $29 fare for flights from Las Vegas to Long Beach and $69 to fly from JFK to West Palm Beach through its Cheeps Twitter feed.
But what Keucha considers the ultimate deal, is when she's not paying any cash at all. Who wouldn't!? "One of the other things I really love is bartering," said Keucha. 
Except these days, people are swapping skills and services via social media. "I belong to a barter network called Nubarter and they have several active Facebook pages," said Keucha.
On Nubarter, Keucha was able to send her kids to summer camp -- for free!! "The summer camp was about a $5000 savings. I had money in my barter account from having previously traded," said Keucha.
Sure you can find these deals and discounts on Web sites, but, Kuecha says, using social media makes her feel like she's part of a money saving movement. "You feel like you're this army of people trying to save money together," said Keucha.
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-Type the hashtags #deals and #freebies into the Twitter search bar.
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