People flocking to site where Caylee's body was found

ORLANDO, FL (WFLX) - Casey Anthony will be a free woman in a matter of days, but as the countdown to her release continues, there's an influx of visitors to Caylee's Memorial in Orlando.

Safety concerns have caused deputies to shut down the road leading to the place where little Caylee's body was found near her grandparents' home.

Deputies blocked off traffic saying the passing cars were making it dangerous for people walking in the area. "It's not right. People have a right to see this kid. It's not right they should have it open," said visitor Dennis Davidson. "Of course, you can't stop, but people can drive by and pay their respects."

Deputies are also cracking down on people parking along the side of the road. They're handing out $10 tickets to those who try to park there.

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