Facebook pages created for PSL double murder victims

PORT ST. LUCIE, FL (WFLX) - Much like in any other recent tragedy, online grieving via social media is playing a role in the deaths of a Port St. Lucie couple who police believe died at the hands of their teenage son.

Several memorial Facebook pages have been set up to remember the victims, Blake and Mary Jo Hadley, including one that was created by the suspect's cousin, Brent, who lives in Louisville, Kentucky. The description of the page reads, "These two souls had to die at the hands of the child they gave birth to. Please be respectful here. This is a Memorial for Mary-Jo and Blake Hadley."

There are also several pages for Tyler Hadley , who is accused of "brutally and mercilessly" beating his parents to death with a hammer before sending out Facebook invites to friends asking  them over to the house for a party.  The walls of those pages are filled with angry and hateful posts and are littered with unanswered questions from people asking why Hadley may have commited the crime or if he even did it in the first place. One of the pages for the seventeen year old murder suspect has nearly 500 members.

Tyler Hadley remains behind bars without bond and is charged with two counts of 2nd degree murder with a weapon.

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