South Florida Seniors Speak Out on Debt Debate

LAKE WORTH, FL (WFLX)  South Florida senior citizens are watching what is happening in Washington very closely, especially those who depend on Medicare, Social Security and veterans benefits.

Many seniors are very diligent about going to the polls and they're speaking out to Congress to remind them they won't forget what's happening now when election time comes.

Friday night is a happy time at Bingo Magic in Lake Worth. Addie Bencivenga of West Palm Beach likes laughing with her friends and looking for a little luck at bingo and the arcade games, but even now, she's thinking about the future and has no patience when it comes to Congress and the debt ceiling.

"I was always taught that you don't spend what you don't have," she said.

Addie, who is 80 years old, said she's lived her life that way, so much so that she's still working to make ends meet.

"I've been back to work for six years," she explained. "The threat of losing our social security just scares us out of our minds."

Working in nursing for many years, Delores Donovan has seen how hard times have been for many seniors.

"The elderly people, they live on those social security checks," she said "I've watched them over the years in Florida. They had to make up their mind to buy medicine or food and now they'll buy neither. I think that's a crime!"

Seniors said they want Congress to know go from pressing the buttons at the arcade/bingo games to the buttons in the voting booth.

"There's no way they get these kind of salaries that we pay for with our taxes and they're doing this to us? No," said Gerry Tuttle, "that's not right and it's the worst thing for the country. If they think that little of the country. They should all be kicked out."

"They would probably be better off if they knew their salaries would be frozen and stopped," added Rochelle Gaenger of Greenacres. "They should be the first ones not paid for not doing the right thing for the elderly and everybody else."