Boca rabbi looking for young wife to save money

BOCA RATON, FL (WFLX) - A rabbi in Boca Raton is looking for love, and a whole lot more!

He lost his wife in 2007. Since then, his health insurance premiums have more than doubled.

Rabbi Craig Ezring wrote an article for an online newspaper saying he was looking for a younger woman to take advantage of her health insurance. But, he says, there's a larger point to make about where we are as a society.

An amateur ballroom dancer by night, Rabbi Craig Ezring spends his days counseling the elderly and worrying about his bills. "That's a really hefty difference."

Ezring is quite literally a corporate rabbi. His business -- traveling Palm Beach and Broward Counties as a chaplain offering counseling mostly to the elderly.

He and his wife, Carol, were buying health insurance under the corporation they had formed. "I brought her on as a paid employee as my bookkeeper, put her on the plan, and we became a business of two."

That arrangement sadly ended when Carol died in 2007 of a rare bacterial infection.

Devastated personally, he was at least able to keep the monthly price for health insurance, about $1,200 a month. "I was basically grand fathered in as a two-person business after she died."

But this year, United HealthCare deemed Ezring's one-person company too small to get the same rate. His premium would now be $1,500; that's more than twice what he was paying per person when his wife was alive.

His solution? Write a blog for a Deerfield Beach online newspaper making it clear that he'd love to find a somewhat younger woman who wouldn't mind him jumping on her insurance plan or vice versa.

It started as an almost sarcastic comment on our healthcare system. "If the owner of my corporation was younger than I am, and was made the owner of the business, theoretically, the pricing would have to go by her age rather than mine."

But, he says, his situation is a good example of where things are at in this country. Life is still fun, but living well can be prohibitively expensive. "If it goes up again next year and the year after, I'm going to be at a point where I am probably going to have to stop spending anything anywhere else."

This story has been picked up all over the Internet, and, he says, he's gotten at least five offers for dates.

United HealthCare did not immediately respond to our request for comment to find out if they would give him a better price on insurance if the owner of his company were younger.

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