Recognizing Entrepreneurial Success

Success used to mean having a good job, having a comfortable amount of money in the bank and feeling secure. That was before we became entrepreneurs. Since we no longer have jobs, may not have a comfortable amount of money in the bank and may not feel secure, we may need to re-define what success means to us.


While I was a business counselor for the largest Small Business Development Center in the country, I helped hundreds of entrepreneurs re-define their beliefs and thinking about success.  Having transitioned into entrepreneurship myself I completely understood and experienced this process. Below are some techniques and awareness’s about success that I used to help myself and help my clients. 


Evaluate your Beliefs about Success.

What does success mean to you? How do you measure or evaluate your success? When you make the decision to evaluate your beliefs about success, your beliefs will be revealed to you.  Just not the way you might think they will be revealed. Know that these beliefs might not jump out at you. We may recognize a belief about success because of feelings of discomfort or distress. That was my experience. For example, I realized that I used to measure success by how much money I made and how often I made it. When I transitioned into entrepreneurship, I still had this belief, which was distressing. When I asked myself the questions above about success, it was revealed to me that I measured success by money.  Once I learned this about myself, I was able to change my belief about success so that it supported my entrepreneurial journey.


James Allen states in his book, “As a Man Thinketh” that we must first adjust our thinking about success before we can become successful.


Experience success from the inside out. The measures of success we are seeking as entrepreneurs are inside us – not outside us. Look inside yourself to see your successes and acknowledge yourself for them. We can be so hard on ourselves – only giving ourselves credit for what we “see”.  Give yourself credit for what you don’t see but feel. Do you feel good about the work you are creating as an entrepreneur? If yes, that is a success. Do you love what you are doing? If yes, that is a success. There are many successes to be found within ourselves.


Deepak Chopra, author of “The Seven Spiritual of Success,” says that the source of all wealth, of abundance, or of anything in the physical world is oneself. Success starts with us first, and then becomes evident in the physical world.


Understand the definition of success.

Success comes from the root word “affluere” which means to flow to. The word affluence means to flow in abundance. Notice that this definition says nothing about money, cars, status, security or bank accounts. It simply means to flow to. Therefore, work at seeing success as a flow, as a process. Look at what is flowing to you as an entrepreneur. Do ideas flow to you? Does life flow to you? Does your creativity flow to you?


Experience Success Daily

There is a saying that if we can acknowledge ourselves in small ways, we can acknowledge ourselves in all ways. Look to experience success in you everyday life.  Acknowledge yourself for “baby steps” that you are making toward achieving your goals.


Create a Successful Conscious

We are what we think. Therefore it is critical that we think positively and eliminate fear and worry from our minds. Fear, worry and other negative emotions block the flow of success. We need to discipline ourselves to remain open, clear and positive. Some people I work with choose to create positive affirmations to help create a successful conscious. Affirmations are stated in the present tense and are what we want to believe – whether they are true yet or not. While you might like to create your own affirmations, here are a few to get you started:


o        I am prosperous and abundant.

o        I experience success in all that I do.

o        I enjoy financial success.

o        Money flows to me naturally.


Remember, you are already successful. Success is a measure of how far you’ve come, not where you are. Trust and enjoy the process.