Meet The Hair Design Institute

Who we are:
You have dreams and goals. Perhaps you want to be a hairstylist or own your own salon someday. Whatever it may be, you have the resources to achieve your goals. Hair Design Institute offers a well-rounded, inspirational, career-centric curriculum so when you graduate; you start your career with the skills that pave the way to lifelong achievement.

You will receive coaching from exceptional instructors and will learn professional hair cosmetology services in theory and practice, client communication, retail performance, presentation skills, creative expression, and business building--all skills to make you the best!

This is the beginning of your hair cosmetology career--work hard, stay inspired, think big, and all your dreams will come true.

Video included below.

The Classes:
Hair Design Institute offers courses designed specifically to help you succeed in the hair design and cosmetology industry—obtaining a State License in your chosen field. We want you to follow your passion and find a hairstyling position that you will love.That's why our experienced educators are here to guide every step of the way.

Financial Aid:
Financial assistance is available to students who are eligible and qualify. Our Financial Aid Department can assist you in determining your eligibility and which types of financial aid may be available to you. Our advisors will also be there to help you with the entire application process.

The Campus:
If you really want to see if Hair Design Institute is right for you, we suggest that you drop on by for a visit at one of our four locations.

We look forward to meeting you October 1st at CityPlace, where you will be able to meet directly with admissions representatives who can answer your questions about Financial Aid, Job Placement and more.