Adopted! Pet of the Week Spanky

Adopted! Pet of the Week Spanky

Update: Spanky is in his forever home. Don't forget about his furry friends!

Spanky is a bit of a standout with his roughed up ear: due to hematoma surgery, it is permanently bent back. Spanky has an independent spirit who enjoys affection on his terms. He'll run to you to be petted, and even gives head butts.

When he's had enough, sometimes he gives a little growl. But most of the time, he simply turns around and walks away.

For over a year now, he has been waiting for a patient rescuer to come forward. A special person, with cat experience, who will give him lots of time to adjust and feel secure in his new home. Someone who will let him develop his trust at his own pace.

He is a quirky character who is lovable and entertaining. He's still somewhat playful, but he also loves to just hang out and chill. He tolerates other kitties; however, he would probably be happiest as an only cat. That way he could have all the attention to himself so that he can truly blossom, develop, bond and show affection. A quiet adult home would suit him best.

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