911 call in PSL murder-suicide released

PORT ST. LUCIE, FL (WFLX) - After killing his 21-year-old wife and before killing himself, a Port St. Lucie man called 911 early Saturday morning, telling the dispatcher exactly what he had done, according to police.

Tuesday, police released the 911 calls of the murder-suicide, which occurred on SW Kamchatka Avenue.

"Right now it's about 1:15 (a.m.). I just want to let you know that I killed my wife, and that I have a baby in here," the man said to the dispatcher. "I called my neighbor to pick up the baby. Anybody who will pick up the baby is alright. After that I will take my own life ... only one message. No repeats, no repeat."

Neighbor Shannon Tango called 911, left her husband, Steve, with their three children, and ran to the home. Its front door was open, and she could see inside through a glass storm door. She was able to get the child out safely.

"My neighbor just called and said that he just shot his wife, and that he's about to burn his house down," Tango said in the 911 recording. "He told me to come get her [the baby], but I don't know if he's really serious. I know he was drinking earlier tonight."

Investigators say the couple met through an online dating service, and he had gone to the Philippines to bring her back to the United States. The couple married back in January. Police have not released the identities of either person.

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