Burglary suspect caught after wild chase in PBC

WEST PALM BEACH, FL (WFLX) - Police have arrested a man they think is responsible for a rash of burglaries in Palm Beach, including the of several sets of hurricane shutters, after he led them on a wild chase through Palm Beach and West Palm Beach.

It started Tuesday morning when workers from a landscaping company spotted the suspect snatching weed whackers and a leaf blower from one of the company's trucks on El Pueblo Road and called police.

"My guys actually saw the guy take this stuff off our truck," said Scott Lewis of Scott Lewis Gardening & Trimming.

Workers for Lewis and police began following the suspect, who was driving a red Ford Excursion SUV.

Palm Beach Police said when they tried to stop it, the man took off down Poinciana and North County Road, hitting two cars. Paramedics took at least one person to the hospital.

Officers say the Excursion smashed into the barricades at the Flagler Memorial Bridge before ending up on North Rosemary Avenue in West Palm Beach, where West Palm Beach Police were waiting.

"They cordoned him off as we were behind him," explained Palm Beach Police Sergeant Luke Pintacuda. "So he had to bail out. He just ran at that point and he had nowhere to go so we were able to apprehend him."

Pintacuda thinks the suspect may be responsible for several other thefts, including several sets of aluminum hurricane shutters that were ripped off at least three homes in Palm Beach earlier this month.

"He was possibly involved in shutter thefts of property and things like that," he explained. "Anything he could get his hands on. It just so happens this time it was the back of a landscape trailer that he burglarized today."

"We've been looking for people trying to steal shutters on the properties we serve," added Lewis. "I'm sorry there was an accident, but I'm real glad they caught the bad guys."

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