VP's brother receives white powder in mail

OCEAN RIDGE, FL (WFLX) - The brother of Vice President Joe Biden is speaking out about the scene that unfolded outside his Ocean Ridge home on Saturday.

Frank Biden received a suspicious package, delivered to his mailbox by the United States Postal Service.

It was not a delivery that Biden, 57, was expecting. "Well sure, it's a little nervous-making of course, nothing extraordinary," he said.

The younger brother of the vice president was the recipient of a manila envelope. The envelope, he said, was addressed to him and he said it was sent from somewhere in India.  When he opened the envelope, a suspicious fine, white powder spilled out onto his hands.

Biden dropped the envelope and immediately called 911. The FBI and several local, county and state agencies responded to the scene and closed down Ridge Boulevard, which is just west of North Ocean Boulevard in Ocean Ridge.

Biden and his girlfriend, Mindy, were rushed to Bethesda Medical Center in nearby Boynton Beach.

"They did some skin tests to see whether or not I had any exposure of any kind and everything came up negative," he said.

Mindy was released from the hospital on Saturday night.  Biden stayed through the night and was released Sunday morning.

Frank Biden said he had been in contact with his vice presidential brother throughout this ordeal. "Well, sure, I've talked to my family and everybody is happy that everything turned out well," he said.

Ridge Boulevard was closed to during the investigation for more than eight hours. It was not until late Saturday that the FBI was able to determine that the white powder that landed on Biden was harmless. "We live in a crazy world. So, thank God everything is good, all is well," said Biden.

"Everything is in their hands now. I know nothing more than you know, and I spent a simple, restful night at the hospital. They kept me for observation. I'm fine and 'Jim Dandy' as you can see.  I want to thank everybody for their help and their concern," said Biden.

Frank Biden would not say if there was any other material aside from the white powder inside that manila envelope. The FBI, meanwhile, is not commenting on this ongoing investigation.

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