Cheaterville: Get even with a cheater

(WFLX) - You may have heard of AshleyMadison, the Web site for married couples looking to have an affair. Now, there's a site to counter it: It's called Cheaterville.

"We're no different than Facebook or Twitter," said Jason McGibney, the founder of  "We're not the ones posting info; we're just a forum that allows people to interact with each other."

McGibney is a 38-year-old former Marine and father of two who tapped into society's curiosity and fed a starving platform that has filled out beyond his wildest imagination. "I was actually on an overseas deployment. One of my Marine Corps buddies came back and found out his wife was having an affair during the entire deployment. I thought it would be good to have a Web site where you could go and out someone like that," he said.

In the seven months since its launch in Las Vegas, Cheaterville. com has gained a  quarter million subscribers, and by this time tomorrow that number will have risen.

Dr. Drew and Howard Stern are among the many celebrities entertained by its existence. But it's not celebrities getting attention on this site; it's your next door neighbor.

Once you've logged in you can let loose with a cheater's photo, the story of what happened, and any proof such as text messages, e-mails or voicemails. It's all posted for the world to see, and it's all protected by the Communications Decency Act of 1996.

"This is freedom of speech, this is sort of akin to Facebook or Twitter or bloggng," said legal analyst Michelle Suskauer.  "They can put up any info they want to. Now are the individuals subject to any sort of libel action for slander or libel? That's possible, certainly if someone wants to take them to court that would be up to a judge."

McGibney's site has directly challenged other sites like which helps you have an affair. If you had to diagnose, simply put you get even and in the process it's highlighted a rather disturbing trend in this country.

"Throughout the U.S. just the amount of subscribers we've gotten in such a short period of time it's kind of a testament to how much of a problem cheating is in the U.S.  It's definitely an epidemic," said McGibney.

It's a problem that is spelled out explicitly on thread after thread and one way to see how relationships in this country fall apart. At least we know there's one guy likely to never make this site. "I'm married with two kids. I would have to say my wife is probably the safest person in America cause I'm sure as hell not going to cheat," said McGibney.

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