Passengers frustrated but relieved after suspicious powder scare

WEST PALM BEACH, FL (WFLX) - Following hours of waiting, the Pescosolido and Moffitt families are both relieved and frustrated after their plane was delayed because of a suspicious powder found by a flight attendant.

"The flight attendant kept looking at the rear of the plane and finally they had told us they found a substance," recalled Elizabeth Pescosolido.

Pescosolido was one of the more than 30 passengers who boarded Southwest Airlines Flight 793 to Baltimore before it was delayed. The other 100 passengers never got on, separating her from her family.

"That was, you know, the hardest part," said Pescosolido.

Those who had boarded, like Elizabeth, were escorted off the plane and onto the tarmac for a two hour wait. She kept in touch with her family by phone.

"She's just out there alone, but uncomfortable. I'm sure she's hungry, has to go to the bathroom, who knows?" said Megan Moffitt, her granddaughter.

Almost 40 minutes after they were supposed to land in Baltimore, the family was finally reunited. Unfortunately for them, the plane would be leaving without them -- with their luggage.

"We missed our connected flight. It was uncertain whether we'd get out of Baltimore. We probably would have had to get hotel accommodations there," said Peter Pescosolido.

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