New Barahona documents released

MIAMI, FL (WFLX)  More than a dozen sworn statements are in nearly five hundred pages released in the case against Carmen and Jorge Barahona.  482 pages may not enough to tell the full story leading up to the death of Nubia Barahona, 11, and the near death of her twin brother, Victor.  The children's adoptive parents have been charged with first degree murder and child abuse.  Both have pleaded not guilty.

Sworn statements from the Victor and Nubia's teachers make up most of these new documents.  Teachers testified that Nubia was increasingly coming to school unbathed with the strong odor of urine or feces; dirty clothes and shoes.  One teacher testified that she saw Nubia "hoard food from the cafeteria as well".  The third grade teacher testified that one day "applesauce had spilled on (Nubia's) head and that the next day (Nubia's) hair was still sticky like it had never been washed."

A school counselor said that Carmen Barahona seemed "annoyed" with teacher questions about Nubia's changing behavior and appearance.  The counselor testified that Carmen brought in a "doctor's note." but that the note was not signed and had a letterhead of Carmen's place of employment; not the doctor's office.  In June of 2010, the counselor and the school decided to call the Department of Children and Families.  A short time later, both children were withdrawn from school.

As for the Barahonas, a judge has delayed making a decision about whether the Miami couple will be tried together or if Carmen and Jorge Barahona will each be tried separately.