Widow of Vero Beach murder victim speaks out

VERO BEACH, FL (WFLX)  Brokenhearted - that is how Kristen Simpson describes how she feels six days after her husband, Brian, was shot and killed in his own Vero Beach home.  Kristen Simpson broke her silence Wednesday, as police announced that they had recovered one weapon that may have been used in the incident.  On Tuesday, Vero Beach police announced that two suspects had been arrested in connection to the killing.  Mrs. Simpson said she and her family are grateful for the hard work of law enforcement.

With her children and her brother in-law by her side, Simpson said she was finally ready to speak.  "It's so hard to feel brokenhearted and depleted and yet feel so cared for and loved and thankful all at the same time," she said.  "We have been helped in ways that I could never have imagined.  We've been watched over.  We have been cared for," she added.

Two men are now behind bars: Darius Robinson, 16, and Henry Jones, Jr., 23.  Both are charged with burglary and first degree murder.  Kristen Simpson credits the difficult work of local police for the arrests.  "They've never stopped keeping in contact with us.  More than once I've seen them actually swell up themselves," she said.  The Simpson family also thanked the community for their support and for their tips for law enforcement.

Police found a .25 caliber handgun at a vacant, foreclosed property on Conn Way, a few streets away from the Simpson's home.  Investigators said the weapon was one of the two guns believed to be carried by Robinson and Jones.  Investigators said the suspects came face to face with Brian Simpson during an alleged burglary inside his Fiddlewood Road home Thursday night.  Police are still searching for another weapon,  a .22 caliber handgun, that they believe Jones used to fire the fatal shots.  Meanwhile, the $50,000 cash reward raised by local business leaders and citizens may be given out to several tipsters that assisted in the arrests, but not until after any conviction.

"I can't feel anything," Kristen Simpson said.  "We can't feel anything.  We just are thankful for the good things that have come to us because of it.  That is it," she added as she walked back into her home with her children, Samanta and Scott.