School pool for rent will offset costs

BOCA RATON, FL (WFLX)  Splashing around in the Olympic-sized pool at Boca Raton High School isn't just for students anymore. The Palm Beach County School Board agreed to lease the pool to the public, hoping to make some money and share with the community.

But it's not just the locals interested in the spot, college swim teams from Wisconsin to North Carolina, are looking to lease.
"They're all looking to come down in the winter and get away from the cold," said Head Swimming Coach Eric Hall.
At $50 to $100 per hour to rent, the pool could generate enough money for the school district to offset operation costs, which total about $80,000 a year. Hill doesn't want to count his chickens, but he says leasing the pool could cover that amount.
"I know a facility like this could bring in close to $30,000 in two months, in December and January," said Hill
A portion of the proceeds would also go to Boca Raton High School. 
But it's not just about the money, students across the county have access to the pool now, and that's motivating swimmers.
"It's nice when you have a facility like this, it makes you want to keep practicing and get better at your sport," said Marcela Thomas.
"The flexibility is great we can get training in any time we want," said JR Sims.
The school already has one lease lines up, it will take about 6 weeks to process. So the first rental will be in mid-January.